A completely new way of operating

As the first operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Total E&P Norge places the central control room onshore, as a part of the Onshore Operations Centre in Stavanger.

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    Onshore Operations Centre at Total E&P Norge's headquarters (all photos: Woldcam/Total E&P Norge).

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    Preparations and Start-up Manager in the Martin Linge project, Ole Bengt Hegreberg.

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    Onshore Operations Centre at Total E&P Norge's headquarters.

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Platform controlled from shore

“The centre includes drilling and logistics support functions, preparation, monitoring, and collaboration rooms as well as offices. By removing boundaries and optimizing communication between onshore and offshore, the company ensures better interaction, effective decision-making and a good overview of operations,” says Ole Bengt Hegreberg, preparations and start-up manager for the project.

Connecting the dots

A key element in bridging the gap between offshore and onshore is the high voltage cable that runs from the powerstation onshore to the Martin Linge field. Read more about the cable and power from shore (link). Inside the cable there are also fiber optic lines that enable real time collaboration between onshore and offshore as well as onshore monitoring and control of operations.

“What makes this project so special is the way we combine known and new technologies in order to optimize every aspect of the operations. In my opinion the greatest innovation lies in the big picture approach and the concept as a whole, not necessarily the isolated technology choices,” says Hegreberg. 

Real time collaboration over great distances

Extensive use of video technology, customized software and mobile devices enable interaction and continuous communication. The Martin Linge concept is based on a high degree of collaboration between all the different installations and locations involved in the operations. Team sessions involving the different units are facilitated in the collaboration room.

“An important element in the collaboration sessions is the extended use of graphics and models. We use visualization tools and 3D models to access data and collaborate. These tools may be used anywhere, also offshore, and will play an important role in the operations. It feels like being in the same room even though there’s literally an ocean between us,” says Hegreberg.

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